PruVision headend PROLINE PLC-300 16 x DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C + 8 x FlexCAM to 16 x DVB-T/C & IP

PruVision headend PROLINE PLC-300
16 x DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C + 8 x FlexCAM to 16 x DVB-T/C & IP
• 16 x independent multi-standard inputs DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C • 16 x RF output DVB-T/C (software selectable)
• 8x Common Interfaces (FlexCAM technology)
• 16 x RF output DVB-T/C (software selectable)
• MER value > 45dB
• IPTV streaming (up to 128 x SPTS / 16 x MPTS) @ 800Mpbs • IPTV reception (up to 128 x SPTS / 16 x MPTS) @ 800Mpbs • SAP/SDP support
• "Pool" technology
• PID Filtering
• Custom NIT/SDT support
• PCR re-stamping, Correction
• EPG over RF and IP
• Very friendly user interface
• Fleex Embedded support (IPTV middleware)
• Dual “Hot pluggable” power supplies
• Dimensions 296.2 × 204.50 × 106 mm, 1U
• 5 year warranty

The PLC-300 headend from the Pro Line series is an all-in-one solution that is highly advanced and versatile, designed to meet the changing needs of the broadcasting industry. With the capability to receive up to 16 independent satellite (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2), or cable (DVB-C) signals, the device can convert them into 16 DVB-T/C RF output channels while providing 1x Gbit IPTV simultaneously streaming for distributing FTA TV and Radio programs.

The PLC-300 offers unparalleled flexibility in descrambling capabilities. It supports up to 8x Common Interfaces (CI) using the advanced FlexCAM technology, which allows users to connect them to either the inputs or outputs of the multiplexer. This innovative technology provides advanced descrambling flexibility, enabling the user to customize their broadcasting services to meet the unique needs of their audience.

For IPTV reception applications, the device can receive up to 128x SPTS or 16x MPTS and convert them to 16 DVB-T/C RF output channels with an extra license. The PLC-300 offers unmatched flexibility with its "pool" technology, enabling users to select any program from any of the 16 x inputs and assign it to any of the 16 x RF + IP outputs.

The PLC-300 is equipped with a powerful CPU (Quad core @ 1.8GHz / 2GB RAM), responsible for controlling the device using Linux OS while providing a friendly and incredibly fast user interface. It can be remotely or locally controlled via Ethernet, adding to the device's ease of use.
The compact 1U rack size of the PLC-300, combined with its advanced features, ensures that the device consumes the minimal rack space while it has the ability to accept dual “hot-pluggable” power supplies, adding an extra level of reliability and redundancy to ensure the device remains operational even in case of a power supply failure.

The PLC-300 can host an IPTV middleware (Fleex Embedded) without the need for any external server, enabling users to control all TV monitors in an installation, including LG, Samsung, Philips, and custom STBs, while offering a wide range of features such as Live TV, Live Radio, Info channels, Cast, Weather, Alarm, EPG, and many more.

Overall, the PLC-300 headend is an innovative and powerful device that provides advanced features and flexibility to deliver high-quality TV distribution. It's a great choice for cable TV companies, IPTV providers, hotels, hospitals, and other similar installations.

6.252,60 € 6252.6 EUR 6.252,60 € Exclusief BTW

6.252,60 € Exclusief BTW

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