Hikvision DS-D6055UN-B beeldkrant 138,7 cm (54.6") LED Wifi 450 cd/m² zwart


55-inch Narrow Bezel Width Wall-mounted Digital Signage
- Plastic shell appearance, slim frame, and all-in-one design.
- Exquisite image, industrial A+ panel, auto-coloring and image-enhancing engine.
- Variable materials, static and dynamic materials, including the pictures, audio, video, scrolling subtitle, PDF, webpages, live video, number calling, pop-up pictures, etc.
- Flexible program schedule, free schedules and district play of multiple materials and variable play modes: play by day, play by week, play by loop, custom play, etc.
- Centralized management, remotely control and manage one screen or more screens, such as timed startup/shutdown, quick startup/shutdown, brightness/volume timed adjustment, and screenshot preview, remotely release programs and updates local (USB) programs.
- Organization permission, 5-level organization is available for managing materials, programs, terminals, and users, and support creating custom users, allocating permission for users according to user level, and permission templates.
- Multiple security safeguards, 3-level check of materials, programs and schedules to prevent mistake release, encryption of data in storage and transmission to prevent data tampering, and with no default password, users can activate and set initial password to guarantee the password safety.

978,14 € 978.14 EUR 978,14 € Exclusief BTW

978,14 € Exclusief BTW

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